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Select from a variety of options to suit your current project(s).



You need communications support but it's not for a project that falls under any of the other I'm Speaking Now services below and you don't have much time. Perhaps you want my opinion on whether your product's series' name is catchy enough. Maybe you've been struggling with the tone in a colleague's email and need help replying with a detached tone. Or, maybe you're not sure of whether your eulogy for a family member is too lengthy and want an opinion. 

While I do not compose content or revise copy in these 30-minute consultations, I will provide a written report of my observations and suggested action steps so that you can refer to my guidance whenever you need it. 

Should you decide to invest in another service or more than one service related to this particular consultation, the fee for Solutions in 30 is deducted from the entire cost of the services' sum. 


You may need the perfect product description. Or, perhaps you are an event promoter seeking to craft marketing copy to attract a particular audience. Even if you're in desperate need of overhauling your entire website's content, you've come to the right place. 

Depending on your needs, I'll advise you on your options and turn around your copy within a time frame that won't leave your customers or you waiting in the wings. 

Two revisions after initial composition.

Students receive 20% discount. 

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Sure, I can write your mission statement from scratch. However, it won't be complete without some serious consideration of your organization's history, your concerns about the way your company's staff or clients will relate to and execute your mission, and also the language/style preference you require.

In essence, I will compose your mission statement but rest assured it will reflect your business/platform and your voice. 


What are the values that keep your organization or business centered in your community or anchored as a leading  competitor in your industry? 

With clear core values, you be able to drive customer service to new heights, pave the way for sustainable product development, and tend to social/corporate responsibilities with clear intent.  

If you already have begun preparing values, I'll simply assist you in refining your word choice and, if necessary, identifying unclear language.  We want your staff, clients/customers, and/or partners to easily understand and apply your company's values. 

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Whether it's a keynote or an award acceptance speech, there's no need to go it alone. Not only will I draft your speech but I will coach you in the delivery of it as well so that your audience will extract optimal meaning and influence from your words.

Eulogies, wedding/celebratory occasions, and education-centered addresses are offered as well. I also can work with middle- and high school-aged students at a 20% discounted rate. 


For the professional who wants to prime and further polish his or her delivery, I offer a detailed critique on pre-recorded/archived audio or visual content featuring you speaking, presenting, or moderating. From tone to eliminating "ums" and mastering pronunciation, I'll monitor your skill set and audience engagement.  

You'll receive a written critique along with specific solutions to apply for future use, and two follow-up sessions to assess your progress.  If you have access to recorded footage of you applying my guidance, we will use that for an evaluation. If you do not, I will assign you a project and observe your execution of the delivery. This is followed up by a written assessment comparing your initial skills to what will surely be your refined ones. 

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I'll work with you to effortlessly present yourself as an asset to the most discerning of hiring teams. Maybe you are in the market for a new job as a seasoned industry professional or as a person changing careers or re-entering the market after a hiatus. Nevertheless, our one-on-one telephone or video-conferencing mock interview and my research of your industry's current demands will give you the edge over other applicants. 

If you are moderating a panel, I'll prepare you to deal with diffusing conflict, steering panelists toward closure, and mastering your introductory and conclusive tones. Your audience and panelists will be in the palm of your hand.   

For press interview prep, I will help you anticipate certain questions, convey crystal clear answers, and promote your products/initiatives. 


If you have an announcement that you need to share, I'll compose your branded press release to include statements from all relevant sources, or if it's only you -- just you! 

Editors and reporters are busy and you'll want a catchy headline and an engaging leading paragraph at the very least. If you already have a press release written and need revision, I can assist you with this, too. Sometimes, you need an extra set of eyes to tie all of the details together with language that is succinct and integrates proper industry terminology.  

Please note that I do not distribute press releases to media outlets. 

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We all have story to tell. But how should we relay it? And should we divulge everything?

Do you need a detailed biography? Or do you need a bio that is short and sweet? Perhaps you would like to have both, but written with the same "voice." 

If you already have a biography, then I can revise it and include updated information as well. Depending on your uses of the biography, we can also decide on whether everything that you currently feature in it is necessary. 


When you're in hot water or quicksand, you want to harness the power of accountability and solutions-driven responses.  

Whether you need a lifeline because you've put your professional reputation at risk, or perhaps you've disappointed clients/customers and need to prepare a series of statements and initiatives to atone for poor decision, I'm prepared to assist you navigate what can feel like a labyrinth to most steeled of personas. 

I'll guide you by critiquing your ability to field questions from stakeholders, provide you with press releases to satisfy editors' and reporters' need for substantial answers, and redirect you from offering ambiguous solutions (that too often leaders rely on, thus digging themselves in deeper holes). 

Eventually a house of cards will cave in. I'll help you rebuild with sturdier materials and resources so that in the future, stability and integrity are associated with your brand and in alignment with your goals.

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If your organization is interested in me moderating a panel or presenting a keynote speech, I would love to work with you. 

For keynotes, my subject areas span communication (verbal, digital, group dynamics, interpersonal), diversity and inclusion, women in leadership, career changes, imposter syndrome, and various applications in urban education and literacy/comprehension. 

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