Articles, Interviews & Essays (a sampling...)
Thrive Global Magazine: "I am My Biggest Influencer: Ayesha Gallion with Dr. Maria Kostina"
An interview conducted by Dr. Kostina on my journaling practices. 
Abernathy Magazine: "Distinguished Archives: Connecting Black Male Legacies to Journaling"
 A man who keeps a journal is offering himself and family the very history that many of us do not have from our forefathers. 
Dear English Major: Interview with Ayesha Gallion
I expound on my career in corporate communications within the plastics manufacturing industry. 
Life After Teaching: "I Left Teaching and Found My Element"

An essay I published on Sarah Greesonbach's career-centric website that caters to current and former teachers transitioning out of the classroom. 


Home Lighting & Accessories magazine: "Best Dressed Nest"

Read about amazing lighting designer Yves Behar's couture Nest chandelier. I loved writing about home decor and the lighting trade! Still love reading about it, too. 


Home Lighting & Accessories magazine: "The Enlightened Showroom of Wellness"

I wrote about how lighting retailers could entice a new sector of consumers by adding wellness centered products to their selections. 

Everything Girls Love magazine, pg. 7: "Leader of a New School"

Go to page 7 to read about my friend and Educational Leader extraordinaire Lorna Hanley.  

Short Stories
"Atonia" from Role Call: A Generational Anthology of Social and Political Black Literature and Art  
(edited by Tony Medina, Samiya A. Bashir, and Quraysh  Ali Lansana)

I was so excited to have my first (and only to this date) short story published in this anthology.  

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