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Articles, Interviews & Essays (a sampling...)
Thrive Global Magazine: "I am My Biggest Influencer: Ayesha Gallion with Dr. Maria Kostina"
An interview conducted by Dr. Kostina on my journaling practices. 
Abernathy Magazine: "Distinguished Archives: Connecting Black Male Legacies to Journaling"
 A man who keeps a journal is offering himself and family the very history that many of us do not have from our forefathers. 
Dear English Major: Interview with Ayesha Gallion
I expound on my career in corporate communications within the plastics manufacturing industry. 
Life After Teaching: "I Left Teaching and Found My Element"

An essay I published on Sarah Greesonbach's career-centric website that caters to current and former teachers transitioning out of the classroom. 


Home Lighting & Accessories magazine: "Best Dressed Nest"

Read about amazing lighting designer Yves Behar's couture Nest chandelier. I loved writing about home decor and the lighting trade! Still love reading about it, too. 


Home Lighting & Accessories magazine: "The Enlightened Showroom of Wellness"

I wrote about how lighting retailers could entice a new sector of consumers by adding wellness centered products to their selections. 

Everything Girls Love magazine, pg. 2: "Save Room for Your Love"

Go to page 23 and take the quiz to find out whether you're being stingy with self-love. 


Everything Girls Love magazine, pg. 7: "Leader of a New School"

Go to page 7 to read about my friend and Educational Leader extraordinaire Lorna Hanley.  

No More Baby's Mama Drama: Keeping It Out of Your Life and Marriage 

You can read a bit of it on Google Books. I rarely promote this book now that this part of my life is no longer an issue and a few of my viewpoints on blended families and marriage have since changed. However, I've learned since that as women we must continue to have compassion for all women and that the men in our lives must facilitate justice and leadership on a consistent basis. This book did receive press in a variety of media outlets that included The Star-Ledger and Sister2Sister magazine. 


Short Stories

"Atonia" from Role Call: A Generational Anthology of Social and Political Black Literature and Art  
(edited by Tony Medina, Samiya A. Bashir, and Quraysh  Ali Lansana)

I was so excited to have my first (and only to this date) short story published in this anthology.