For Men: Blueprint Series

This course for men (18+) showcases applications for journaling that incorporate practicality, self-reflection, and sustaining one's legacy. In too many cases the brilliant minds, temperaments, intellectual properties, and general ideologies of men (especially marginalized groups) in a written/publishable form are not accessible to their families upon their passing. During the busy lives that may men live, ideas are sometimes kept "in their heads." The processes and developments needed to trace or deconstruct operational experiences as well as emotions are not written or recorded, thus can only be accessed through memory or oral tradition.  

An authentic self-generated narrative is not only pivotal to adults' wellness but serves as an undiluted and substantial history of each man's life through his filters and viewpoints. In addition, future generations deserve to access authentic accounts of their patriarchs as resources, inspirations for published or filmed works, guidance for financial, social, or emotional solutions, and other needs.

It is important that all men write down and/or record their developments to some degree. These journals may contain ideas for inventions, observations regarding financial habits, entrepreneurial processes, emotional hardship or advancements, or even lists and charts for a variety of purposes. 

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